Monday, June 11, 2007

Child Art and a Preview of Things to Come.

In a nice coincidence David Apatoff has posted his own thoughts on child art. Unlike Cohn, Apatoff come at the subject from an "art" perceptive, but also feels it has a lot to offer that "adult" art can't. At the same time he points out that the differences in child art and "adult" art isn't that child art is more "natural" but that a child's brain hasn't fully developed.

The first draft of my next large scale post is almost done, but I probably won't be able to start editing it for a week. Tomorrow I'm having some oral surgery, and I don't think my head will be clear enough for editing for a bit. Anyway the next post is a look at the different art styles used in comics and the stroytelling approaches that tend to be used with them.

Special attention will be paid to highly naturalistic (or realistic or whatever you want to call it.) art and way it has failed to gain as much praise or attention (and indeed is sometime vilified.) as other styles amongst the alternative comic crowd, and whether this style is facing extinction or a rebirth.

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